Field Inspection in the Tax Allowance Application Process

Corporate taxpayers who wish to take advantage of the tax allowance facility must meet the specified requirements and apply. The explanation of the requirements for obtaining a tax allowance has been described in the previous article. Then, if the corporate taxpayer has applied for the use of the tax allowance facility through the online single submission (OSS) system, the next stage that must … Read more

Obligation of Compiling Realization Reports for Tax Allowance Recipients

AFTER the decision from the Director-General of Taxes stating that the taxpayer has the right to take advantage of the tax allowance facility, the taxpayer concerned is required to fulfill certain obligations. The obligation in question is the preparation of reports on investment realization and product realization. The two reports will later become the basis … Read more

Tax on Stock Transactions

BASED ON data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), the number of capital market investors in the country has reached 7.86 million investors as of January 31, 2022. Interestingly, of the various capital market investment instruments, stocks are the most favored investment choice by investors. Share ownership can indeed provide additional income for investors … Read more

Tax Allowance Facility Can Be Revoked, What Causes It?

The PROVISION of tax allowance facilities aims to encourage business activity and accelerate national development. Corporate taxpayers who have met certain requirements and criteria, of course, are entitled to a tax allowance facility based on the decree. The decree was issued by the head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) for and on behalf of the minister of finance. However, … Read more

Tax on Land and/or Building Rental

RENTING land and/or buildings is an attractive option for some people to generate profits. People try to rent out land, rooms, factories, and other forms of buildings to get passive income. It should be noted that income received or earned through leasing land and/or buildings does not escape the imposition of income tax (PPh). In particular, income … Read more